About us

PARTYFACE is the first party wear in Ukraine, created on the basis of underground alternative movements.

You are the face of every party. In PARTYFACE clothes you both feel comfortable and stand out wherever you go.

PARTYFACE is the clothes that come from the underground. 

Rapper, hip-hop artist of Kalush, co-founder and member of the band “Price of Da Rythm”, backup singer and member of the “KALUSH” and “Kalush Orchestra” projects Johnny Da Strange and founder of the “V’U” podcast, hip-hop artist, formerly known as NEformat and the voice of “Carpetman” Mykola Vyner launched the clothing brand PARTYFACE.

“It all started with merch. Previously, I worked in a warehouse of monochromatic clothes, and there I decided to start making prints to order, and later some author’s designs. At that time, the so-called “brand” was called “Veniamin”, and it became the basis for “PARTYFACE” (see logo).

I was not satisfied with the quality, I needed an upgrade for which there were no funds. However, there was a design vision and a desire to sew everything by myself from top-notch materials. Mykola helped me in this by investing in the creation of a brand.

We met online, and music brought us together. Mykola has been living in Ireland for several years. We constantly kept in touch, became friends. Once he came to Ukraine and invited me to take part in one of the episodes of his podcast. There I talked about my goal – to create clothes. After the podcast, he contacted me and offered to help. That’s how we became partners”, – Johnny Da Strange tells about the creation of the brand.

“At first, when a full-scale war began, we thought of freezing the project. But after adapting a little, we realized that this is our front. Supporting the economy, jobs, ensuring normal life and mental state. People continue to live, they will continue to need clothes.” – Johnny Da Strange

Black background and bright neon colors – wherever you are, you will be remembered.

You can order clothes on our website or on our Instagram page.